Release History

1.1 2008-02-24
1.0 2006-02-18
0.9.8 2006-02-13
0.9.7 2006-01-31
0.9.6 2005-12-08
0.9.5 2005-11-14
0.9.4 2005-10-25
0.9.3 2005-08-05
0.9.2 2005-07-05
0.9.1 2005-04-22
0.9.0 2005-03-28
0.8.0 2005-02-03

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Release 1.1 - 2008-02-24

add Added Hammig distance. fabian
add Added new training strategies for speed up of large datasets. nockson
add Added tab for calculating different error values to an existing map. nockson
add User is asked to confirm overwrite when saving files. stammi
fix Fixed add and substract behaviour of classmask floodfill. (Select row in table and press shift or control.) stammi

Release 1.0 - 2006-02-18

fix More than 127 classes can be created with floodfill. fabian

Release 0.9.8 - 2006-02-13

add Clear of messages with popup. fabian
fix Posix conformity of shell script by Matthias Schmidt. fabian
fix Fixed reading *.lrn files with scientific format using small "e". fabian
fix Changed/fixed deletion of data points in data view mode. fabian
fix Fixed save selection as *.lrn. fabian
fix New project works after creating or loading island. fabian
add Added k-Batch and Hybrid-Batch algorithms that mix concepts of Batch and Online learning. nockson
fix Updated documentation. fabian

Release 0.9.7 - 2006-01-31

fix Fixed loading of numbers in scientific format with small "e". fabian

Release 0.9.6 - 2005-12-08

fix Loading of *.lrn files without header (i.e. tab seperated text files) possible. fabian

Release 0.9.5 - 2005-11-14

fix Speeded up map initialization enabling the use of very high dimensional data. fabian
fix Fixed automatic determination of map geometry according to principal components. fabian

Release 0.9.4 - 2005-10-25

fix Removed black rectangle behind letters of classes. nockson
add Possibility to calculate the space a class uses on the map. nockson
add Added Slow-Batch, an experimental version of batch training without the mean calculation (and thus without speedup over online). nockson
add Added fast approximate training algorithms using local bestmatch search. nockson
add Added normalization to [0,1 ] and robust z-transformation. fabian
add View tab is visible first and after traiing, the data tab upon loading data. fabian
add Last working directory is saved for next start. fabian
add Command line training uses prefix of *.lrn file for *.bm and *.wts if -b and -o are not given. fabian
add Added new command line tool to perform only creation of height matrix, e.g. U-Matrix in *.umx file. fabian
add Added parameter for Pareto radius to command line tools for matrix generation and image rendering. fabian
fix Synchronized examples with FCPS. fabian
fix Floodfill works if only *.umx is loaded. fabian
fix Projection works with missing values using same distance function as used for training. fabian
fix Redesign of Matlab interface with new functionality. ultsch

Release 0.9.3 - 2005-08-05

add Moved view options to bottom tab. stammi
add Display of names for bestmatches. stammi
add Display of round bestmatches. stammi
add Display of classes as letters on bestmatches. stammi
add Class mask can be created with manual floodfill and semi-automated algorithm by Fabien Moutarde. stammi
fix Slide show problems fixed. nockson
fix Projection and classification problems fixed. nockson
fix Component background can display negative values. fabian
fix Contours are displayed correct with clipping. fabian
fix Broken selection of components fixed. fabian
fix Updated documentation. fabian

Release 0.9.2 - 2005-07-05

update Internal release for MusicMiner. fabian

Release 0.9.1 - 2005-04-22

fix Bugfix for manual bestmatch classification. stammi
add Bestmatches can display first letter of class name. stammi
fix Source code includes up-to-date Colt patch. fabian
add Small additions to documentation. fabian

Release 0.9.0 - 2005-03-28

update First public release. fabian

Release 0.8.0 - 2005-02-03

update First Maven-ized version, marching towards first release. fabian