Databionic ESOM Tools

The Databionic ESOM Tools is a suite of programs to perform data mining tasks like clustering, visualization, and classification with Emergent Self-Organizing Maps (ESOM). Features include:

  • Training of ESOM with different initialization methods, training algorithms, distance functions, parameter cooling strategies, ESOM grid topologies, and neighborhood kernels.
  • Visualization of high dimensional dataspace with U-Matrix, P-Matrix, Component Planes, SDH, and more.
  • Animated visualization of the training process.
  • Interactive, explorative data analysis and clustering by linking ESOM to the training data, data classifications, and data descriptions.
  • Creation of ESOM classifier and automated application to new data.
  • Creation of non-redundant U-Maps from toroid ESOM.

Databionic ESOM AnalyzerU-Map of hexa dataset.

The ESOM Tools are being developed by the Databionics Research Group at the University of Marburg, Germany. The ESOM Tools are written in Java for maximum portability and published under the terms of the GPL. If you use the software for scientific research, please cite the following technical report and send us the reference for the list of publications.

Ultsch, A., Moerchen, F.: ESOM-Maps: tools for clustering, visualization, and classification with Emergent SOM, Technical Report Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Marburg, Germany, No. 46, (2005)

Please understand that our main focus is on research and teaching. We can only provide limited user support via the mailing lists. We welcome everybody to participate and further develop the tools. The best way to start is to join the mailing lists and tell us about your plans.